NOTE: You must be on the UB or Roswell Park networks to connect to most CCR servers.  If you are off-campus, please use the UB VPN to connect

Access to most CCR servers is only available through SSH or the  OnDemand portal.  If you do not use the  OnDemand portal, you must install a SSH client on your computer.  CCR recommends the MobaXterm program for command line and file transfer access and FileZilla for file transfers.

OnDemand portal:

CCR OnDemand is an easy to use web-based portal that provides users access to CCR's HPC resources without the need to install additional client software or web-plugins.  Users can transfer files, access a shell environment on the cluster front-end login server, launch interactive, and remote visualization sessions, and monitor jobs.  


More documentation

Command line SSH client:

Windows users can download PuTTY or  MobaXTerm for command-line access to the CCR servers. For graphics rendering with putty, use in conjunction with Xming.  Instructions for connecting using a PuTTY and Xming combination are available here (Note: use the connection information below in lieu of "" in the example).  To check that the PuTTY/Xming combination is working correctly: launch a putty terminal after separately launching xming as a background task. Now type "xeyes" from the putty terminal. If you get a display error, it's not working. If a set of eyes that tracks the movement of your mouse pops up then you know it's working properly.

MobXTerm does not require additional software for graphics rendering and it is, therefore, recommended over PuTTY. 

Connection information

hostname: (academic cluster) (industry cluster) (for uploading/downloading data to/from CCR filesystems only) - requires SSH keys to connect (see here for more details)


UB username

port (specify in Filezilla):


Displaying Graphics:

See this knowledge base article for more details on displaying graphics

Log in through MobaXterm 

1. Open MobaXterm and click on Start local terminal.

2. Now simply type the following to connect to a CCR server:

    ssh YourUBusername@<hostname>

File Transfer: 

Both FileZilla and WinSCP provide a secure file transfer using a drag and drop interface.  

For users with a large amount of data to transfer:  please use the data transfer server is:

Using this server requires the use of SSH keys.  Please see this knowledgebase article for more details

NOTE: The data transfer server is not to be used for compiling code or submitting jobs to the cluster.  If you have modules sourced in your login files, you will get an error message when you login as modules are not supported on the data transfer server.

CCR also offers "Globus"- a software through which you can transfer your large data very fast and in a very secure way. To learn how to get started with Globus, please view the following articles:

Connecting to CCR endpoint and browsing files

Creating a share and sharing it with users

Setting up a personal endpoint on a desktop and transferring files

Sharing data through Globus with a non-UB user