NOTE: You must be on the UB or Roswell Park networks to connect to CCR servers.  If you are off-campus, please use the UB VPN to connect


Access to most CCR servers is only available through SSH.  Command line terminal access is provided via the SSH protocol, while command line file transfer is available with sftp (Secure File Transfer Protocol) and scp (Secure Copy).  The ssh, scp and sftp client software should be available on Apple machines as part of the operating system installation.  There are additional software products available that provide secure drag and drop interfaces for file transfer such as FileZillaCyberduck and Fetch.

Users must use SSH keys to connect to CCR servers using SSH/SFTP/SCP.  Please follow these instructions to upload your SSH key to the CCR identity management portal before attempting to connect to CCR's servers. 

Connection information


hostname: (ub-hpc and faculty cluster front end login nodes)

 NOTE: this will log you into one of a pool of nodes:, (for uploading/downloading data to/from CCR filesystems only)



CCR/UBIT username




SSH key:

location and name of your SSH private key


Command line SSH connection:

Using the Mac terminal program, simply type the following to connect to a CCR server:

ssh -i yourSSHkey YourCCRusername@<hostname>

If using an SSH key agent:

ssh -A YourCCRusername@<hostname>

For example, if your UB username is janedoe, to connect to the academic cluster (vortex), type the following:

ssh -i yourSSHkey

If using SSH keys:

ssh -A

To copy files from your Mac to the CCR server:
scp -i yourSSHkey file_to_copy YourCCRusername@<hostname>:/directory_to_put_file/filename

For example, to copy from my Mac to my home directory on the CCR academic cluster (vortex):

scp -i yourSSHkey

Displaying Graphics:

Connecting to a server via the command line does not allow for any graphical displays.  If you need to display graphics or GUIs while connected to a CCR server, you must use X11 forwarding. 

X11 is not included in OS X.  The XQuartz package provides the X11 support.  See the following support article from Apple.

X11 and OS X


Once the XQuartz package has been installed on the MAC, then login as follows.

      Add the -X to your ssh command, for example:

  ssh -i yourSSHkey -X

For users with a large amount of data to transfer:

Please use the data transfer server is:

Use either the command line or drag/drop software options above to transfer your files.  

NOTE: The data transfer server is not to be used for compiling code or submitting jobs to the cluster.  If you have modules sourced in your login files, you will get an error message when you login as modules are not supported on the data transfer server.

Graphical file transfer software

There are links above to various software products that support drag and drop file transfer.  You will need to provide the location of your SSH private key when authenticating to CCR servers.  This is done in slightly different ways depending on the software product.  We provide documentation on how to do this using FileZilla.  NOTE: Our docs show the Windows version of FileZilla but the MacOS version is very similar.

Vendors of the other software products provide documentation on their websites for how to accomplish this.