How to Check your Quota

Isilon NAS - CCR provides a total of 3 PB of available disk storage to all the clusters in the Center for user home directories and group shared project directories.

Home Directories:

  • Directories are available on the clusters and accessible from all compute nodes.
  • Default user quota is 5GB.
  • Backed up by UB's Central Computing Enterprise Infrastructure Services department

Home directory location:  /user/UBIT_username
Example: /user/ccrguest

Project Directories:

  • Additional disk space is available for research groups in the project directories.
  • Faculty interested in project disk space should contact the CCR help
  • The default project directory quota is 500GB.  The quota can be increased to 1TB without charge.
  • If you require more than 1TB of storage, additional space can be purchased at a rate of $700/TB.  This rate is good for the 5 year lifespan of the storage warranty (December 2020).  After this time, you must buy in to any new storage CCR upgrades to.
  • Backed up by UB's Central Computing Enterprise Infrastructure Services department

Projects directory location - depends on your affiliation:

  • /projects/academic/group_name - for all faculty of UB
  • /projects/industry/group_name - for all industry partners (could be project name, company name, or other group name - if you're not sure, ask CCR staff)
  • /projects/rpci  - for all Roswell Park affiliated users

Global Scratch Space - IBM General Parallel File System (GPFS):

  • CCR provides 500TB of high performance global scratch space.
  • Accessible from all front end servers and compute nodes.
  • Available to all users for temporary use.  Just create yourself a directory in /gpfs/scratch
  • Data that has not been accessed in more than 3 weeks is subject to removal by an automated scrubber script.  Please remove all data promptly after your job completes.
  • There is NO backup of data in /gpfs/scratch. 
Global scratch location:  /gpfs/scratch

NOTE: It is an outright violation of University at Buffalo computing policy to attempt to circumvent this policy.  Anyone found attempting to modify file dates to get around the scrubber will have their data removed without notice and their account deactivated.  We actively monitor for this!

Local Scratch Space:

  • All servers and compute nodes in all the clusters have local disk space (/scratch).
  • This scratch space is available to batch jobs running on the clusters.
  • Data on local scratch may be subject to removal as soon as the job completes
  • There is NO backup of data in /scratch.

Backup & Data Retention Policies

How to Request the Restore of Data