What is euca2ools?

euca2ools is the Eucalyptus command line interface for interacting with web services. Most Euca2ools commands are compatible with Amazon AWS.


See the HP Eucalyptus installation guide here

Creating Access Keys


Login to the Eucalyptus console, click on your username at the top right, and choose Manage Credentials.  Then click on Create Access Keys.  A .csv file will be downloaded to your computer.  

Eucatools Configuration

This setup uses the ~/.euca/xx.ini files to manage switching between users/credentials. This seems to be easier than environment variables but YMMV. 

Here we create a configuration setup with a few different user accounts:

$ mkdir ~/.euca
$ chmod 700 ~/.euca

Create the global.ini which defines the default region to use:

$ vim ~/.euca/global.ini
default-region = ccr-cbls-2

Create a ccr-cbls-2.ini which defines the URLs to use to connect to eucalyptus services. Note the user is the default user to use for the region: 

$ vim ~/.euca/ccr-cbls-2.ini
[region ccr-cbls-2]
autoscaling-url = https://autoscaling.ccr-cbls-2.ccr.buffalo.edu/
bootstrap-url = https://bootstrap.ccr-cbls-2.ccr.buffalo.edu/
ec2-url = https://compute.ccr-cbls-2.ccr.buffalo.edu/
elasticloadbalancing-url = https://loadbalancing.ccr-cbls-2.ccr.buffalo.edu/
iam-url = https://euare.ccr-cbls-2.ccr.buffalo.edu/
s3-url = https://objectstorage.ccr-cbls-2.ccr.buffalo.edu/
sts-url = https://tokens.ccr-cbls-2.ccr.buffalo.edu/
monitoring-url = https://monitoring.ccr-cbls-2.ccr.buffalo.edu/
verify-ssl = true
user = my_username

Create [my_username].ini file to hold the creds for the user/account you have access to (this information is in the access key .csv file you downloaded earlier from the management console): 

$ vim ~/.euca/my_username.ini
[user my_username]
account-id = 12341234
key-id = xxx
secret-key = yyy

You can now verify your setup is working by running:  

$ euca-describe-availability-zones 
AVAILABILITYZONE        ccr-cbls-2a     available