Shared Project Directories:

Faculty members and industrial partners can request a shared project space for their group on our enterprise network attached storage.  The system is highly redundant and designed for 99% uptime.  The directories are backed up daily off-site by UBIT.  Please see the backup policy for details.

We provide 1TB for free to all UB faculty groups.  Please request an allocation for "Project Storage" using ColdFront.  Instructions to request a new allocation can be found here

Purchasing Project Storage:

  • Additional space can be purchased at a rate of $60.27/TB per year

  • This is an internal rate for internal UB users including academic, research, administrative, and auxiliary units whose originating source of funds is within or flows through the university.  This includes state, RF, UBF, and Faculty Student Association (FSA) funds

  • Internal UB users paying with funds other than those listed above are charged an additional fee to cover the fee UB charges CCR.  This makes the cost $69.28/TB per year

  • Faculty with joint positions at UB and Roswell can only qualify for the UB internal rate if they use UB funds to purchase the storage.

  • External groups and industry partners are charged $100/TB per year. 

  • It may be possible for you to pre-pay for multiple years, if desired, and the allocation will show the expiration date that you are paid through.  We are able to bill State Sponsored accounts for more than one year at a time; however, you should verify the funding and any requirements prior to submitting the request to CCR.  SPS will not allow us to bill RF accounts for more than one year at a time.  We are also not allowed to bill an RF account if the award expires within the year.  For example, we can not bill for a year of storage if your award ends in 6 months.

  • We are NOT able to issue refunds should you stop using CCR's storage.  

To purchase additional project storage, please login to ColdFront and request a new allocation for the ProjectStorage resource.  Make sure to specify the quantity of TB you want to purchase (this does not include the free TB provided by CCR to all UB faculty).  In the justification box, please enter:

  • How many years do you want to purchase this for?  We can bill annually or for multiple years at a time, up to 4 (as of 2022).  The storage retires in 2026 so we can not bill passed that point.

  • What type of account are you paying with?  This determines the cost:
    • UB internal funds: State, RF, UBF, FSA ($60.27/TB/year)
    • Other internal funds ($69.28/TB/year)
    • External funds ($100/TB/year)

This is complicated so please see our storage purchase article for more details

Cloud Storage

Storage in the CCR research cloud, Lake Effect, can be purchased at a rate of $100/TB per year.  This storage is only accessible from your cloud instances.  Cloud storage is NOT backed up.

To purchase additional storage, please add an allocation request in Coldfront for Lake Effect Cloud Storage and we'll contact you for payment information.  Instructions to request a new allocation can be found here

Details about cloud storage and subscription options