The following information assumes basic knowledge of how CCR uses software modules.  If you are not familiar with this, please see introductory documentation here

Watch this 30 minute intro to software modules! (Password: CCR-HPC2020) 

Users can create modules that are accessible by members of their research group.

  1. Create a projectmodules directory in your group's /projects directory. NOTE: If your group does not have a project directory, the group owner can contact CCR to request one.
    mkdir /projects/academic/group/projectmodules or
    mkdir /projects/industry/group/projectmodules

  2. Copy an existing module file from a subdirectory in /util/academic/modulefiles/Core or /util/common/modulefiles/Core to the projectmodules directory.

  3. Edit the module file. Module file syntax and commands are available here.

  4. To load your projects module, you first append your projectmodules directory to the MODULEPATH variable:

        module use /projects/academic/group/projectmodules
        module load your_module/your_version

More information on creating your own modules can be found here.