Factors that Determine Job Priority:

  • Age - the amount of time the job has been waiting in the queue
  • Job Size - number of nodes requested by the job
  • Partition - priority for a given partition
  • Fairshare - priority contribution based on compute resources used by members in a research group within the last 30 days.
    • The more jobs that have run on the cluster the lower the priority.
    • The fewer number of jobs that have run the higher the priority.
  • Quality of Service (QOS) - supporters of CCR are given a priority boost for their group's jobs.  Find out how to become a CCR supporter

Click on the links for more details about SLURM Multifactor Priority Calculations and Fairshare

Show Fairshare:

sshare <flag>


--all --accounts=group_name  (Shows fairshare for members of the group)

See SLURM Account Information for group_name (account)


Job Priority Formula:

Job_priority =
    (PriorityWeightAge) * (age_factor) +
    (PriorityWeightFairshare) * (fair-share_factor) +
    (PriorityWeightJobSize) * (job_size_factor) +
    (PriorityWeightPartition) * (partition_factor) +
    (PriorityWeightQOS) * (QOS_factor)

Show Job Priority:

sprio <flag>
-j jobid
-u username

Show Job Priority sorted from Highest to Lowest:


Show weights assigned to Priority Factors:

sprio -w


Weights                 50000      50000     200000    1000000