As a way to thank our users for providing financial support to CCR, we offer a Quality of Service (QOS) priority boost to their jobs.  To find out if your group should be getting this boost, please read about the criteria here.

Think you should be getting a priority boost?

If you think you meet the criteria in the link above but are not receiving credit for it, please submit a ticket to CCR help.  Thank you for your support!

We love hearing about what research is being done at CCR.  Please take a look at some of the interesting work being done by UB researchers on the CCR machines.  Contact us with your information and we'll include it in the list.

Planning ahead when writing grant requests:

Before you submit a grant, we are happy to work with you on the budget to help ensure that we can best support your project.   Please submit a ticket to CCR help.

How do we utilize the priority boost?

CCR uses the SLURM Quality of Service (QOS) function for providing group's with an extra boost in priority for their jobs.  To take advantage of your quality of service priority boost, please add the following to your SLURM scripts (this can be used with any partition in the UB-HPC cluster):

#SBATCH --qos=supporters

Not sure if you have access to a QOS?

To check to see if you have access to the supporters QOS, look at your SLURM associations:


You will see a column for QOS.  In this example, the account has a "normal" QOS.  Anyone with access to the supporters QOS will show up as: normal,supporters

[ccrgst3@vortex:~]$ slimits


   Cluster              Account       User              Def QOS QOS                 

---------- -------------------- ---------- -------------------- --------------------

    ub-hpc              ccrgst3    ccrgst3      general-compute viz

  industry              ccrgst3    ccrgst3             industry scavenger

   physics              ccrgst3    ccrgst3                      scavenger

       mae              ccrgst3    ccrgst3                      scavenger

 chemistry              ccrgst3    ccrgst3                      scavenger