In addition to CCR's large production cluster and visualization hardware which are freely available to UB and affiliated researchers, CCR maintains a wide variety of project-specific storage systems and compute clusters.    Faculty (PI) partitions are resources purchased by faculty for use by a specific research group.  These nodes are not available to all CCR users.  If you are interested in purchasing your own equipment, please see this page for more details.

The faculty partitions are grouped in separate cluster than the ub-hpc cluster.  When issuing a SLURM command, users must specify the cluster name "faculty."  A partition must be specified as well.  If a cluster and partition are not specified, then the default will be the UB-HPC cluster.


The following instructions assume a basic familiarity with using SLURM on the CCR cluster.  If you are a new user, then please read material on the Introductory SLURM page first.

To display a list of all partition names:

sinfo -M faculty

Specifying a Cluster and Partition

Use the following SLURM flags to specify a cluster:

-M cluster_name



Use the following SLURM flags to specify a partition and qos within a cluster:



To view list of what access you have, use the slimits command:

Submitting Jobs to a PI partition

Use a cluster flag and a partition flag when submitting a job.


#SBATCH --partition=partition_name --qos=qos_name
#SBATCH --clusters=faculty
#SBATCH --account=account_name
#SBATCH --time=00:15:00
#SBATCH --nodes=2
#SBATCH --ntasks-per-node=8
##SBATCH --mem=24000
#SBATCH --job-name="hello_test"
#SBATCH --output=test.out
#SBATCH --mail-type=ALL


Viewing the Status of Jobs in a Partition or Cluster

Use a cluster flag to view jobs running in any partition within the cluster.  The partition

 flag with show the jobs in that specific partition:

squeue -M cluster_name

squeue --clusters=cluster_name

squeue -M cluster_name -p partition_name -q qos_name

squeue --clusters=cluster_name --partition=partition_name --qos=qos_name


The following will show jobs on all clusters and partitions:

squeue -M all

If I wanted to view the status of my jobs running on any cluster and partition, then I would use the following command:

squeue -M all -u ccrgst


Cancelling a Job

Use the cluster flag when canceling a job:


scancel -M cluster_name jobid


scancel --clusters jobid


Status of Nodes

Use the sinfo or snodes commands to check that status of nodes in a cluster or partition.:


sinfo -M cluster_name


sinfo -M cluster_name -p partition_name


snodes all cluster_name/all


snodes all cluster_name/partition_name


snodes all cluster_name/partition_name idle

Access a faculty partition using salloc

The salloc and srun commands do not accept the -M option to specify a cluster name.  You must use the --clusters= option instead.  For example:

salloc --clusters=faculty --partition=gbc --qos=gbc

srun --jobid=123456 --clusters=faculty --pty /bin/bash