UB students are provided access to CCR compute resources at the request of faculty members teaching courses that require high performance computing.  


If you are a UB student taking a class that is using the CCR cluster, you may use the self-service account portal to create your CCR account.  Instructions can be found here.  Once your account is created, your professor needs to request the appropriate access to CCR resources for you.  We recommend you contact your professor and let him/her know you've created your account.  Most likely they will wait until everyone in the class has done so before requesting that CCR provides everyone in the class with access.  You can check the status of your access by logging into Coldfront.  Once you've been added to a project, you will see that project in the Coldfront interface.  Click on the allocation for the resource (i.e. ub-hpc) and look for your name.  If the status is 'pending-add,' you will not be able to login to CCR servers yet.  If the status is 'active', you can login to the resource (i.e. cluster).  If you do not see any projects or allocations, your access is still pending.  

Class accounts are valid only for the semester in which the class is being offered.  Please be sure to download any data you want to keep from your account before the last day of the semester.  We do NOT guarantee your account or data will be retained past the last day of the semester.  If for some reason, you do not complete the class and will be asking your professor for an extension, CCR MUST receive the request to extend your account from your professor by the last day of the semester!  


Once a student has created their CCR account, you can add them to your Coldfront project and allocation.  We recommend you use a separate project (create a new one, if necessary) for each class you're teaching.  This will keep all project space and SLURM accounts separate.  You must request an allocation for a resource at CCR in order for the students to have access it.  Instructions for these tasks can be found in these links:

Create a new project

Request a new allocation

Add users to your project & allocation

Special storage space for classes:

Some classes utilize large amounts of data and are granted access to a special course directory.  If your class was granted a shared directory, you will find it in: 


Scratch directories are not automatically created for classes.  If your class was granted a scratch allocation, you will find it in:


Instructors: Please request an allocation for the 'Project Storage' resource in ColdFront if you need a shared directory for your class.