ANSYS/CFX (Computational Fluid Dynamics) is a comprehensive suite for the simulation and prediction of fluid behavior.

Category:  Engineering

Availability: ANSYS/CFX is a licensed product and is not available to all CCR users. Access is restricted.  Contact ccr-help with inquiries regarding access to the software.

Usage Notes

To show the software versions:
module avail cfx 
module avail ansys

Loading the module will set the path and any necessary variables:
module load cfx/version
module load ansys/version

Additional Information

  • The ANSYS/CFX graphical interface greatly benefits from using the CCR's remote visualization node.
  • The CFX installation includes a license for parallel computing using up to 128 processors. CFX jobs requiring large amounts of memory may also benefit from being run on a single CCR compute node --- RAM capacity on our general-compute nodes ranges from 24 to 512 GB of RAM.
  • ANSYS and CFX manuals are available on the CCR front-end in pdf format and may be viewed using xpdf. The location of the manuals is stored into an environment variable ($CFX_PDF_DOCS) when the cfx module is loaded. To list the available files use:

             ls $CFX_PDF_DOCS/*.pdf

  • Instructions for running CFX jobs on the cluster may be found in the Intro-CFX-v15-2014 tutorial below
  • On March 6, 2015, COMSOL and UB CCR hosted a computer modeling workshop focusing on COMSOL and other commercial engineering solvers. The workshop included instructions for using the UB CCR cluster to accelerate a variety of engineering codes, including COMSOL, ABAQUS, LSDYNA, ANSYS/CFX, STARCD, and STARCCM+. Click the attachment (below) to download the presentation.