ANSYS is a leading commercial vendor of software for engineering simulations. The software is a comprehensive suite for simulating and predicting the behavior of fluids and structures. It includes the CFXFluentMechanical, and ICEMCFD numerical engines.

Category:  Engineering

Availability: ANSYS is a licensed product and is not available to all CCR users. Access is restricted.  Contact ccr-help with inquiries regarding access to the software.

Usage Notes

To show the software versions:
module avail ansys

Loading the module will set the path and any necessary variables:
module load ansys/version

Additional Information

  • The ANSYS graphical interface greatly benefits from using the CCR's remote visualization nodes in the OnDemand portal.  More details about remote visualization in OnDemand can be found in this KB article
  • ANSYS manuals are available on the CCR front-end in pdf format and may be viewed using xpdf
  • Instructions for running ANSYS and associated numerical engines on the cluster may be found in the tutorials below.
  • On March 6, 2015, COMSOL and UB CCR hosted a computer modeling workshop focusing on COMSOL and other commercial engineering solvers. The workshop included instructions for using the UB CCR cluster to accelerate a variety of engineering codes, including COMSOL, ABAQUS, LSDYNA, ANSYS, STARCD, and STARCCM+. Click the attachment (below) to download the presentation.