This information is being deprecated.  We highly recommend you use CCR's new software infrastructure for this package

The Intel compiler suite is available, including C/C++ (icc/icpc) and Fortran 77/95 (ifort).

Category:  Compiler

Availability: Open access for all academic users


Usage Notes


Show the software versions:  module avail intel


Loading the module will set the path and any necessary variables:  module load intel/version




Example of compiling hello-world with the Intel C compiler:


[cdc@u2:~]$ cat hello-world.c 


#include <stdio.h>

int main() {
   printf("Hello world!\n");


[cdc@u2:~]$ module avail intel

-------------------------- /util/Modules/modulefiles ---------------------------
intel/10.0 intel/9.0 intel-mpi/4.0
intel/10.1 intel/9.1 intel-mpi/4.0.1
intel/11.0 intel/9.1.040 intel-mpi/4.0.3
intel/11.1(default) intel-ipp/7.0.1 intel-tbb/3.0.3
intel/12.0 intel-mpi/3.1
intel/12.1 intel-mpi/3.2
[cdc@u2:~]$ module load intel/12.1
[cdc@u2:~]$ icc -o hello-intel hello-world.c
[cdc@u2:~]$ ./hello-intel
Hello world!