This information is being deprecated.  We highly recommend you use CCR's new software infrastructure for this package


Intel Cluster MKL (Math Kernel Library) provides highly tuned BLAS, LAPACK and DFTs (discrete fourier transforms).

Category:  Numerical Library

Availability: Open access for all academic users

  • MKL supports multi-threading.
  • The BLACS and ScaLAPACK libraries are compiled for MPI over Infiniband.
  • MKL has sparse solvers such as PARDISO. 
  • The INTEL, PGI or GNU compilers can be used with MKL. There are C and Fortran bindings.



Usage Notes


Show the software versions:  module avail mkl


Loading the module will set the path and any necessary variables:  module load mkl/version


It is also necessary to link in the libraries.  The INTEL MKL link line advisor webpage can generate the correct linking information.