MAP is graphical interface for profiling serial and MPI codes. It is licensed from Allinea, who are also the developers of DDT (Distributed Debugging Tool).

Category:  Profiler

Availability:  MAP is a licensed product. It is available to all CCR academic users but limited to 32 CPU tokens.

Usage Notes

To show the software versions:    module avail map

Loading the module will set the path and any necessary variables:    module load map/version

Additional Information

The MAP manual is available on the CCR front-end in pdf format and may be viewed using xpdf. It is located at the following path:

/util/academic/allinea/tools/doc/userguide.pdf   (for version 4.0)

Running MAP on CCR

There are three steps to running map on the CCR cluster:

  1. You must first re-compile your code with debugging enabled. Typically, you would use the "-g -O0" options when compiling and linking.
  2. You must then run your application under control of the MAP profiler. Typically this involves a small modification to your SLURM script to replace the usual launcher (e.g. mpiexec.hydra or srun) with "map -profile". This will produce a .map output file. Example SLURM scripts may be found off the front-end at:
     /util/academic/allinea/example/map/slurm-map-mpi   (an example using intel-mpi)
     /util/academic/allinea/example/map/slurm-map-serial   (an example for serial codes)
  3. Load the .map file produced in step 2 into the MAP graphical interface and analyze the performance of your code.

    map &