Please view this recording to learn how to move and share data with Globus 

Globus is a very fast, convenient, and secure method to move, share and discover data via a single web interface. It lets you access multiple sources of data (HPC cluster, Cloud storage, Local Workstation or Laptop) by allowing you to use your organization's authentication and identity to connect to various endpoints that provide access to some sort of storage, all in a web browser. 

Globus at CCR uses UB's central authentication (including support for Duo 2-Factor) to connect to the CCR endpoint. Connecting to this endpoint provides access to your files on CCR's storage platforms. Once you are connected to the CCR endpoint, you can connect to additional endpoints at other institutions that participate in Globus or create your own Personal Connect Endpoints to securely transfer or share data between them.

NOTE: Connecting to other institutional endpoints may require you to authenticate against that institution's identity management system to access their endpoint.



You MUST have logged in to either a cluster front end server or the OnDemand portal and created your home directory or you will not be able to connect to the CCR endpoint.  Please see login instructions here.

Please follow these instructions to obtain your CILogon certificate subject line and provide that information to CCR help.  Once you’ve been notified by CCR help that your info has been added to the grid map file, log into Globus again: 

REMEMBER: CCR users with UB accounts don't have to send us their certificate subject as their info is already added to the grid map file. They can skip this step and login to Globus.

Choose “The State University of New York at Buffalo” from the dropdown menu and login with your UB credentials. 

Once logged in, you’ll be directed to the “File Manager” page 



In order to connect to the CCR endpoint and browse your files, click on the Collection field and search for "ubuffalo#ccr".


Once you click on it, you will be able to access all your files stored at CCR in any cluster. 

Note: When you connect to the endpoint, the default path /~/ will direct you to your home directory.  You can navigate back to your project space by clicking on "up one folder" and then selecting the appropriate path.  You may also type the full path of the directory you'd like to move into (i.e. /projects/academic/group)

You may wish to bookmark the CCR endpoint so that is easily available to you whenever you login to Globus.  Click on the Bookmark icon and enter a name of your choosing:

If you receive the error:  EndpointPermissionDenied, you don't have access to that directory. If you believe this is not the case, please contact CCR Help.


To learn how to create a share and share it with users, view this document.

If you want to learn more about Globus, and for your further "How to" questions, please visit this page.