Summer 2018 Downtime Schedule

CCR will deviate from the standard downtime date of the first Tuesday of the month over the summer months this year.  We need to work around vendor schedules for certain system updates and, to alleviate problems caused by sharing of the nodes, must keep the downtimes 4-5 weeks apart.  

All of  the downtimes for June, July, and August will include ALL of the clusters.  Some downtimes may include other servers and services.

Individual notices will be posted in advance of each downtime as plans are solidified.  However, users can plan on the following downtime dates:

Tuesday, May 29 - what we're doing


Multiple days the week of June 25-29 what we're doing


Tuesday, July 24th - what we're doing


Tuesday, August 21st - what we're doing


We will skip a downtime in September and have one on Tuesday, October 2nd