Wednesday 1/29/20: Brief OnDemand Outage Planned

Update 1:20pm - The firewall issue has been resolved.  Users should be able to access OnDemand now.  Anyone wishing to use the new nodes in the 'cascade' partition must do so via a job script.  They are currently not accessible in OnDemand interactive apps

Update 11:45am - updates had to be rolled back and there's been an issue removing the firewall block to allow users to login again.  We've engaged with UBIT to assist in fixing the firewall issue.

On Wednesday, January 29, 2020 from approximately 9am-11am OnDemand will be unavailable to users.  New compute nodes will be added to the UB-HPC cluster and updates to the interactive applications are required.  This topic will be updated when the maintenance is complete.

Users can login to the clusters using a SSH client while OnDemand is unavailable.  Instructions can be found here